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OOC? this is sfw…uh, maybe? lol

I knew that there was a tag called “wandere over yandere”.
Therefore I wanted to draw for a long time… YANDERE.

meaning of “YANDERE”, “YAN” mean sick, or mad , “DERE” mean love. (I think so)
but I wasn’t able to express it with this art so well. pufff

I’ll try it again some day in the future :P



If you have a mental disorder due to emotional abuse clap your hands

If you struggle with anxiety because you could never get your parents’ approval clap your hands

If shit in your childhood fucked you up in ways you don’t fully understand and you really want emotional support

If you just want to be happy clap your hands


Anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky always being very cautious to hand utensils to people handle/hilt first, so that no one will think he's attacking them.


Bucky spends a lot of time cultivating his non-threatening demeanour, actually. His resting homicidal face is still kind of a problem, but he’s learned not to stare at people for too long (it unsettles them) and he’s been practicing a whole new repertoire of facial expressions for potential deployment in company. He even makes noise when he moves between rooms, now, so that others aren’t startled when they turn around and spot him lurking in the corner.

Natasha has suggested to him that ditching the combat boots and scuffed leather jackets would be a promising next step. He’s thinking about it.

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